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When it comes to shopping, I’m all about doing it small. Now shift that mindset towards food and, believe it or not, I’m doing it even smaller.

Before you all start combing through this post with the impression that I’m buying baby clothes and dining on breadcrumbs, I should probably clarify what I mean when I say the word “small”. I’m supporting it, meaning small businesses that is.

Perhaps it’s because I’m from good ‘ole Iowa, but for as long as I can remember, I’ve always been one to back an entrepreneurial spirit. These are the individuals who genuinely care about the community and all of the unique people that make it what it is. They step out of the box; they see new opportunities; they take risks.


Each of those are traits that I greatly admire, so while enjoying my time off last week, I decided to pay homage to one of the newer ventures down here in Old Town Scottsdale, Sip Coffee and Beer House. C’mon, people. This place has both coffee AND beer! Need I say more? I figured I’d use this brief hiatus of mine as an ideal opportunity to finally check it out while also getting caught up on the blog.

As soon as I walked through the front door, I realized this shop was so much more than your dime a dozen coffee joint. This place has a personality and it’s evident from the moment you grab a CD. Again, let me clarify here.

When you place an order, the cashier asks you to pick out an old, scratched up, sometimes graffitied album that takes you right back to the 90’s. This concept serves as a clever way for the kitchen staff to recognize your table, rather than just having you wait around aimlessly for your meal. Oh, and in case any of you were wondering, I obviously chose ‘N SYNC.

Wall Collage.jpg

Moving on throughout the rest of the shop, you’ll find hand-carved tables, charmingly tattered couches and chairs, refurbished wood from the previous establishment, funky light fixtures, and wall decor of all different kinds, including a custom mural painted by a Phoenix artist.

So, after you’ve finished downing your cappuccino and hands down the most delicious kale salad you’ll ever have in your whole entire life, take time to appreciate those little things. They’re all around you and half the fun is walking right into them, just like I did. After all, isn’t that the whole premise behind The Stiles Files?


Wooden Tables.jpg
Sip Sign.jpg

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