Big Ideas, Small Spaces


Andrew and I don’t live in the largest of apartments.

In fact, it’s only 620 square feet. Hard to imagine, right? We may not have a fireplace mantel to hang stockings from or a spiraling staircase to weave garland through, nor do we have ample space for a billowing Christmas tree, but it certainly doesn’t stop us from decking the halls … or lack thereof. Inspired by Standard Wax’s newly launched collection, the two of us decided to round up a handful of big ideas for small spaces like ours!

Clearly, smelling the holidays is just as important as seeing the holidays. Pomanders, gingerbread cookies, and pine boughs can fill your home with the essence of the season while taking up minimal real estate, but why go through all that work when you can simply light a “Spice” candle? Andrew and I both agree this is our favorite and, because of its miniature size, would make a perfect gift for those on your nice list, especially hosts and hostesses.


Also, never underestimate the power of lights. Wrapping them around a mirror or bundling them on top of your couch could melt even the Grinch’s heart. You know what else is equally as heartwarming? A hot cup of Joe! This delightful black and gold “Wonder” mug starts off as a candle, offering subtle notes of ginger and cardamom with natural geranium and patchouli essential oils, and ends as another useful item in your kitchen cabinet. Until then, let it slowly burn and mingle with the heavenly aroma of freshly ground coffee beans or even a warm pot of apple cider.

If you’re like us and won’t be in your home for the holidays, it’s still nice to have a Christmas tree. Something about it just makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. However, many homes cannot accommodate a full-sized tree. Take ours, for example. All you need to do it pile up a few branches and create your own vignette or you can invest in a tabletop version like we did. Pair it with a “Spruce” candle and you’d never know the difference.

Big or small, home is where the heart is. Standard Wax is where the art is. Fill your holiday with light this year by using the promo code HOLIDAY20 for an additional 20% off your online purchase. Merry Christmas, everyone!


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