Tea tends to get a bad name, but there are two guys in Chicago changing that.

Taylor Cowan and Jordan Scherer, founders of Spirit, have taken a holistic approach to this leafy drink. You won’t find any artificial fruit flavoring or unnatural blends, nor will you ever see it in the form of a tea bag. Instead, each cup has been carefully hand selected and steeped to bring out the essence – the spirit, if you will – beginning with your first sip down to your last. What imbues each package with an intriguing myriad of tastes is a matter of craftsmanship, process, season, and the land from which it sprouted from. These conditions, while similar from year-to-year, cannot be replicated. Therein lies the complexity in what might otherwise appear to be “simple” and both Taylor and Jordan seek to honor that.


A few of their signature blends include Ancient Thunder and Ruby Eighteen, but my personal favorite would have to be Silver Needle. This extremely rare find is plucked from a big-leaved, wild species of the tea plant native to Southern China. Grown in the Pu-er region of Yunnan, this wondrous and subtle selection features notes of gentle cinnamon spice, hay, sweetgrass, and vanilla frosting with an enticingly creamy mouth feel. You can sample this tea, including many of their others, at some of Chicago’s well-known coffee shops, such as Heritage Outpost and Gaslight.

Through partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation, Spirit will plant one tree for each purchase of their products. This year, they’ve chosen the Au Sable National Forest in Michigan. So, now you can take comfort in the cup of tea you’re drinking and the rows of trees your’re fostering, which will soon become a haven for wildlife while also creating rainwater and oxygen for our planet. Let’s be honest, there’s nothing more beauTEAful than that!

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Ancient Thunder

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