Summer Checklist


(One of my favorite pictures taken at the Old Town Scottsdale farmer’s market

I’m a big sucker for checklists, so you can imagine how giddy I get when the new year rolls around. With pen and paper in hand, next to a glass of champagne of course, I feverishly jot down my resolutions right as the clock strikes midnight. Okay, not really, but you catch my drift here.

However, it’s usually around this time that these prized checklists of mine suddenly become nonexistent and my goals just drift off. To combat this trend, I decided to take a moment and brainstorm ten simple things that I’m aiming to accomplish before Labor Day:

1.) Plan a girls only trip to Las Vegas

2.) Discover another signature cocktail recipe, similar to this one

3.) Find the perfect high-waisted bikini

4.) Attend an outdoor concert and food festival

5.) Spend an entire day floating at Salt River

6.) Buy a piece of authentic turquoise stone jewelry

7.) Tour the Antelope Canyons with friends

8.) Enjoy a long bike ride along the canal

9.) Have a picnic while watching the sunset

10.) Take in a film at the drive-in movie theater

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