Tales of Tucson


When Andrew and I found out we were moving, the first thing I did was make a bucket list.

At the top of this bucket list was another visit down to Tucson. My initial trek back in December seemed far too short, so I made sure that this second go-around allotted more than enough time for shopping, dining, and sight seeing.

Stop one on my trip had to be at Avenue Boutique. It’s always such a treat catching up with Alexis and her staff. Plus, I love seeing what new things they’ve collected and crafted for the store. How gorgeous is this turquoise stone cuff? I also walked out with that espanola hat, a leather wrap belt, and a bottle of sweet and spicy honey. Recipes will be making their way to the blog very soon!


Afterwards, I ventured over to Hub Restaurant & Ice Creamery for a bite to eat. Seriously, what could be better than a fresh avocado salad and a cup of blueberry pancake ice cream? Nothing, that’s what. To help burn off this huge meal, I spent the next half hour or so moseying through the downtown area, taking in all of the beautiful refurbished warehouses and mosaic tiled walkways while stopping for an iced toddy at Exo Roast Company.

So, here we are. It’s only a couple days before our long drive north and to be honest, I’ve never felt more at ease. Our apartment may be empty and our belongings might be stowed away in boxes, but with me are memories of an afternoon well spent.

Hotel Congress
Ice Cream
Cup Cafe

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