Tea tends to get a bad rap, but there’s one girl in Phoenix who is single-handedly changing that, both literally and figuratively.

Teaspressa is a unique approach on premium tea that’s enjoyable for those select few enthusiasts, as well as those countless coffee aficionados out there. Founder Allison DeVane carefully crafts each and every beverage as if it’s a gourmet cup o’ Joe, be it a latte, a macchiato, or a cappuccino.


Some of her signature blends include Caramel Cape Town and Lemonade Green Gold, but my personal favorite would have to be Rose Black. This whimsical drink is made with natural dried rose blossoms that give it a distinct, floral taste without ever being too overbearing. It’s bold, robust flavor offers just a hint of chocolate, making for a perfect midday treat that keeps me energized and focused through those hectic deadlines at work.

The only other thing that could make this pick-me-up even sweeter is working alongside the fashionable and fearless Allison. She had a dream and turned it into a reality; a reality that wound up making everyday life here in the valley that much more beauTEAful! The best part, you ask? She’ll be opening her first brick and mortar location in the coming weeks at Desoto Central Market, so now you can try all of these delicious concoctions yourself!

Rose Black
Finished Product
Gold Cup
The Stiles Files
Arizona Latte Art

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