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A couple weeks ago, I had the absolute pleasure of photo shooting and cocktail sipping with the always lovely Heather Kinkel from The Birdiegirl Company.

When you combine hilarious conversation with these two favorite pastimes of mine, than you’re guaranteed a top notch evening. What could possibly make it better, though? I’ll tell you. It’s pizza. The Parlor not only offers some of the best in town, but an even better atmosphere to enjoy it in, making for the perfect backdrop during our evening photo shoot.

This mid-century beauty parlor turned restaurant, hence the name, houses a variety of unique touches, including a lush garden in a raised wooden planter where they get the herbs for their oh so tasty basil gimlet, as well their black velvet sage martini. There’s also a cozy, outdoor fireplace with built-in bench seating that divides the waiting area from the patio dining space. This is where Heather and I spent the majority of our time.

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While we continued to play around the space, I also learned that it took the owners a solid year to completely gut and renovate the 58-year-old building that once housed Salon de Venus and, let me tell you, the end result is truly impressive. It’s sleek, but quirky with its concrete floors, thick wooden ceiling beams, and retro-modern accents, like antique salon chairs and various subway tiles. There’s also a wood-burning oven in the open kitchen and the entryway of the restaurant is an expanse of glass, revealing the starburst pattern cinderblock of the original building façade. All in all, this place is beyond cool, but even more so, beyond delicious.

My fellow Phoenicians, if you’re in the mood for some damn good pie and one hell of a fun time, then look no further. I hope you enjoy some of the shots we took! Stay tuned for even more!

P.S. – If you’re digging my sunglasses, than do I have the perfect place for you! Garrett Leight? Moscot? Salt? You name it, this boutique has it. Pop on over to The Union at Biltmore and check it out for yourself! In fact, that’s precisely what Andrew and I will be doing tonight.

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