Treasure Chest


I promised I’d give you all the story behind that jewelry box pictured below, so here it goes!

As a little girl, I loved to rummage through my mom’s jewelry box. You can imagine her delight when she’d come back to find heaping piles of knots, but when your world is condensed to the cul-de-sac that is your neighborhood, then you can understand my fascination. This was not just a jewelry box. This was a treasure chest; a treasure chest that led to all of my childhood dreams and escapes. I could be a princess one day and a renowned archeologist the next.

Nowadays, I find it to be a bit tough juggling both of those professions, but that doesn’t stop me from digging through my mom’s accessories whenever I’m back home for a visit. Of course, over the years I’ve grown a personal collection myself, so when my mom was in town a couple of months back, she decided to buy me a jewelry box; a house-warming gift if you will. I was immediately drawn to the tarnished look of this one, almost as if it really was an unearthed antique.


Every morning, as I find myself trudging through the monotonous routine of getting ready, I take time to comb through each of my little trinkets, all the while developing some strange sense of pride. There’s a necklace I bought as a souvenir while in New York City last year, a garnet ring passed down from my great, great grandma, a dainty diamond necklace given to me by Andrew for our first anniversary together, a pair of turquoise stone earrings that I discovered at an art festival in Manhattan Beach, and a¬†handmade¬†pair given to me by my mom for an early Easter present. These are just a few of the many pieces I own, but ones that happen to be very near and dear to me.

This jewelry box can’t find me a handsome prince in some far away kingdom. It won’t buy me a fancy car or a multimillion dollar mansion in the hills. It does do something better, though. Every time I creak it open, it flips me back to chapters in my own fairytale story of a life. These are times that I can’t ever rewind to, but that are instead preserved through wonderful memories, all of which I can find hidden within my treasure chest.


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