Waterstreet Coffee Bar

Deviled Eggs

When Andrew and I moved back to Iowa, it took me less than a week to sniff out the nearest cortado.

Curious as to what this caffeinated beverage is? To put it simply, it’s a shot of espresso cut with a small amount of warm milk. That’s not the only delicious thing Waterstreet Coffee Bar has to offer, though. In fact, it’s not even close. Owner, Jenny Henningsen, first began her career in corporate America working as an accountant; a job that sent her all over the country. Through the continuous traveling, long days, and even later nights, it was coffee and finger food that remained her constant companion, but this whole “crunching numbers, living out of a suitcase” gig quickly lost its appeal. Jenny instead wanted to plant roots and create something all her own, so when the spring of 2013 rolled around, as did this very coffee shop.


But Waterstreet wasn’t just another coffee shop in Coralville. It was actually the first, making its downtown area a place where college students, families, and long-distance visitors alike could finally hang out and grab a cup ‘o Joe. However, if coffee isn’t your thing, than fear not.

Relationships have been forged with a handful of local vendors, ranging from artists and musicians to vintners and farmers. Guests can casually stroll in and view some of the most incredible artwork – artwork handmade by a University of Iowa graphic design major – while sipping on a refreshing glass of pinot grigio – pinot grigio that was bottled and sold at a winery just outside the city – and nibbling on a stacked plate of fruit, cheese, almonds, and deviled eggs – all of which were farmed only an hour away.

Jenny may have been a bean counter, but her passion now lies with a different kind of bean and this town is arguably better because of it.

Coffee Beans

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