Windy City Weekends

Chicago Flag

(Tiles and textures at one of our newfound favorite restaurants)

Two months.

It’s been two months since Andrew and I moved to Chicago and during this timeframe, we haven’t had one weekend to ourselves. From vacations and family reunions to bachelorette parties and weddings, we’ve been constantly been on the go with little to no rest in between. That is, until now.


(Two mimosas with a heaping side of avocado toast)

Life has come to a halt. Rather than hopping into our car and cruising across state lines, we’re now hopping onto our bikes and cruising across town. There are so many stones that have yet to be turned over and we finally have the freedom to do it. All that being said, I’ve decided to kick off a brand new blog series titled “Windy City Weekends”. With camera in hand, I’ll explore this wonderful place I now call home and give tips on where to go and what to see. More importantly, I’ll give you – my wonderful readers – the inspiration to do the same.

No matter where you live, there’s always something worth pausing for. You just have to go out there and find it.


(Watching countless boats cruise by on a hot summer day)


(Beautiful architecture sprinkled throughout Millennium Park)

Ice Cream

(Strolling past the Art Institute of Chicago in pursuit of ice cream)


(Flowers in full bloom along the newly reconstructed River Walk)


(Sweeping views of the city along North Avenue Beach)

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